Adguard Premium Apk v4.0.75 (Pro Unlocked) Nightly Mod

If you looking for Adguard Premium Mod Apk for free then you land on the right page. Use AdGuard Premium Apk for Android apps for free and feel the difference.

The download link for Adguard Premium Apk v4.0.75 (Pro Unlocked) Nightly Mod is available below. Unfortunately, This App is not available on the Google Play Store because their policies won’t allow system-wide AdBlocking Apps. But You can download it from the link given below.

Adguard Premium

Adguard Premium Apk
Adguard Premium Apk

Adguard Premium is the most downloaded premium 100% secure open-source ad-blocker which also works without rooting your device. With the help of Adguard Premium, you can block ads and threats using filters from any android app and also block trackers using its build-in Premium VPN. Adguard Premium Apk not only blocks ads from online websites but with this, you can also get rid of ads from all apps you have on your device. Enjoy a fast and smooth experience.

Ads are always disturbing. Sometimes difficult to find useful content or download links we needed because of annoying pop-up ads on your Android apps or browser. These Ads not only waste your time and data but also slow down your devices. Many users want to get rid of these disturbing ads and look for an effective app that blocks all ads from browsers and other android apps.

Mod Features

  • All Premium Features Unlocked
  • Ad- blocking in Browsers
  • Ad-blocking in Apps
  • Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services
  • Malware Protection
  • Custom Filters
  • Debug code removed
  • Enjoy premium privacy protection
  • Enable parental control
  • Premium VPN Access
  • Ability to create a whitelist
  • Works Without Root Access
  • Protect users against Phishing and Malicious websites
  • Disable startup page
Mobilism Adguard Premium Apk

Adguard Premium Apk Details

App NameAdguard Premium Apk
Latest Version4.0.75
App Size38 MB
Updated13 May 2022
Get it ongoogle-play
MOD InfoAll Unlocked
Rating4.9 (6522 Rating)

Whitelist (Allowlist)

If you want to experience some websites with ads so you can create a whitelist and add those websites to it so that ads are not removed from them.


Dozens of ad filters are available like Ad Blocking, Privacy, Social, Security, Annoyances, Language-Specific, and Custom Filters. User has control over their filters. By using advanced options you can manually on/off all filters. To assuring the best filtering quality, filters are updated daily. DNS Filtering is also available.

Automatic Ad Blocking

AdGuard has a strong system that can easily detect all different types of ads and then immediately block all of them. This is the best feature of this app because it is capable of blocking unlimited advertisements without mistreating your browsing experience. This is the main reason why millions of people use Adguard Premium around the globe. It does not consume too many resources and improves performance. This is a life-saving app for low-end devices with low RAM and memory.

Works Without Root

There are tons of ad-blockers in the market but all require root to work well. But with Adguard Premium, you can use it easily and conveniently without rooting the device.

Apps Management

With Mobilism Adguard Premium Apk, you enjoy an ad-free experience on all apps on your device. Here you see all apps list and data related to Total Requests, Blocked Ads, Blocked Trackers, Blocked Threats, and how much data was saved. You can manage settings like Adguard Settings, Ad Blocking, and HTTPS Filtering. In Firewall Section You can manage the app’s cellular data, wifi data, cellular data when the screen is off, wifi data when the screen is off, and firewall notification.

Privacy Protection (Stealth Mode)

The Stealth Mode module protects your identity and personal information from thousands of online trackers & analytics systems that hide on the web trying to steal your important information. AdGuard doesn’t store DNS query logs.

Stealth mode default set on high settings. You can set this setting on the Ultimate or Custom option. You will be safe from phishing websites and malware attacks.

Adguard recognizes and removes apps that may run in the background and monitor all your activities which makes your device more secure. No worries about data theft or loss. Also, block third-party cookies, hide your IP address & browse the web anonymously on the Internet without being tracked. In addition, your personal passwords would be encrypted so that they remain invisible in front of others.

DNS Filtering

DNS (Domain Name System) can be used to Block Access to several Malicious or Blacklisted Websites. When You Attempt to Visit those Websites, DNS Web Filters Shows Cause Message with a Reason. Adguard Premium has several DNS Servers (Filters) that have a large database of Blacklisted or Malicious websites. You can select Any DNS Server According to your Choice. Includes HTTPS filtering to block ads that use this secure protocol for advertising.

Parental control

Adguard Premium Apk helps you to protect your kids by restricting them from accessing adult content. With this application, you can block access to inappropriate websites, and search results with obscene content. Also, parents can customize the blacklist to help their children receive healthy content when using the phone.

Easy to use

Simple, Small Sized, and Easy to use features make adguard more popular among millions of people. Its size is just 38MB, you can download it from the given link and enjoy its premium features. Because of its simple and clean interface, this is my favorite ad-blocking app. It’s easy to manipulate and personalize the app’s settings.

Saves your Battery & Data

If you use Youtube or stream online videos on any website, you will see more ads that effects data, and battery consumption. With Adguard Premium you can save lots of data while browsing, streaming, or watching Youtube. Stop spending your precious data on spamming ads.


Is AdGuard Mod APK safe?

Because Adguard is a very famous security software development company and commits not to stealing user data. So, you can trust this application but at your risk.

What is AdGuard premium?

AdGuard Premium is an Ad Blocking app that blocks ads on browsers and apps without root.

Is AdGuard free or paid?

AdGuard is a Freemium App which means it has both free and premium plans. Free Plan has some restrictions and the Premium plan gives you the advantage of some cool features.

Does AdGuard stop YouTube ads?

Yes, Adguard can stop Youtube ads. Under Apps Management section, you can on ad blocking option.

Is AdGuard premium worth?

Yes, there are tons of special features like filters, auto ad blocker, stealth mode, work for apps, HTTPS filtering, block trackers, work without root make Adguard Premium worth buying.

AdGuard Premium Apk


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